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Can anyone really change?

The photo to the right links to the newspaper interview kindly given by one of my clients, who worked with me to get his life back to how he wanted it to be.

There is an underlying cause to anger problems, which will be specific to you and your experiences.  The job is to identify, address and resolve this.

It needn’t be “painful” to do.

Maybe you “inherited” your temper from violent or angry parents, but there is no reason for you to be “stuck” like it - you can change how you react and not pass it on to your own children.

You can’t stop triggers from occurring, but you can alter how you behave when one arrives.  This might sound too good to be true, but it is what we aim to do.

I specialise in Anger Management

There is a difference between a little twinge of "grr!" when someone cuts you up in the car, versus the blind fury which causes people to chase, confront and even assault that other driver.

This doesn't mean you having a personality bypass; we have to work within the framework of the person you are.  For example, some people who react in a rage feel a “relief” for a short while, but then think something to themselves like, "Hmm, that just made it worse, didn’t it?". Anger management is partly about learning how to bring that moment forward in time, and think about it before the rage occurs, and so making the rage pointless in the first place.

Although I counsel for a variety of issues, I have chosen to make anger management a speciality.  I heavily tailor my anger management work for each individual client, so that it fits with your particular lifestyle, likes/dislikes, values and thought processes.

There's no shame in acknowledging that you could do with a bit of help finding your way out of this situation.

Arguably, if you could do it completely on your own through sheer force of will, you would probably have done it by now.

Sometimes, the perspective of someone who's not directly involved in the situation can really help.  Add some tailored techniques to the mix and you have every chance of being able to beat this problem.

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