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Private one-to-one counselling in Worcester / Worcestershire.


What to expect from counselling?

If you want to work on your own particular situation, why not contact me?

The process of our counselling sessions

After the initial meeting which includes an introduction and some admin so that you know how it all works, each session has the same broad agenda:

By agreeing on something to work on in the week between sessions you keep things moving and your progress will usually be quicker and smoother.

What counselling with me is not about:

Sometimes, people worry about what will happen in their counselling. You hear things from people, or you see it on TV or in films (almost always highly inaccurate!).

Here’s what doesn’t happen, ever:

Within legal boundaries, your confidentiality is protected. I am not bound to report suicidal thoughts or feelings or to speak to your GP or anyone else about you. I will not even acknowledge that you are my client if someone asks.

But it is about:

What “counselling” means

Counselling is a "talking" therapy, which means that usually it's a one-to-one, face-to-face meeting between you and your chosen counsellor, and jointly you discuss your issues and look for solutions which will suit you. This might be as well as (or instead of) drug treatments from your GP such as anti-depressants or sleeping tablets.

Each approach to counselling works in a different way and you may be more or less comfortable with a particular one. When you choose a counsellor you need to know how they plan to work with you and decide for yourself whether it sounds OK for you.

Statistics show that each year around one in three people in Great Britain will have some kind of non-physical health issue (statistics from Mind, the mental health charity), yet only about two-thirds of those people with a problem will actively deal with it.

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