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Private one-to-one counselling in Worcester / Worcestershire.


Behavioural Issues

Anger management problems often arise in the workplace.  There can be many different causes for these issues, and they’re not always obvious.

When it starts to cause problems with your staff or customers then it’s time to do something about it.

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When a staff member has been absent for a longer period of time, for whatever reason, they can find it hard to reintegrate into their team.

Counselling can help to allay their fears, give them strategies for coping with those first few days and assist them in getting back into a work mindset.

Employee Assistance need not be expensive

Subscription-based EAPs can be far beyond the budget and needs of smaller firms. Many just want quick access to support as and when the occasion arises.

If you need counselling services for your company right now, please get in touch to discuss your needs and to agree the parameters such as timing, number of sessions etc.

You can do much of this in advance at no cost by registering as a corporate client. Get all the paperwork done now so that, when you need to access counselling support in the future, there is no delay in setting up sessions for your personnel.