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Private one-to-one counselling in Worcester / Worcestershire.


About supervision

“Supervision” isn’t really a very good word for what we mean in this context.  It conjures up ideas of “managers” and people telling you what to do - and disciplining you when you don’t do it.

It’s more like “consultancy” and what it means here is a collaborative relationship between equals, where our shared goals are:

To be a counsellor in a professional society and to be on an Accredited Register then you must have supervision regularly.

The widely accepted amount for most societies is a minimum of 90 minutes per calendar month, which is what I will contract with you for; more if your caseload is heavy.

Therapeutic Counselling Supervision

I offer one-to-one supervision / consultancy to other practitioners and to groups (groups at your own location only).

I am qualified in and practise using both humanistic person-centred and CBT therapies.  Counsellors selecting a supervisor need to take this into account with respect to how it fits with their own theoretical perspective.

I supervise using the Page and Wosket Cyclical Model as this feels to me to be the most flexible and adaptable model for use with a variety of different personalities and therapist styles. I supervise both student counsellors in their placement years and fully qualified practitioners.

Supervision sessions are usually 10.30am - 12pm  in the mornings Tuesday to Thursday or 1.30pm - 3pm in the afternoons, Monday to Thursday, unless by other arrangement.

The fee (see top right) includes reasonable between-session communications (email, phone, text) should an emergency or particularly timely issue arise.  For self-funded supervisees, payment must be made on the day of the session or before, by cheque or in cash.  Supervision through an organisation will be charged by invoice.

For student clients, this fee also includes written reports for your course portfolio of evidence.  All supervisees receive an annual written report of their supervision. Please contact me to get started.

Supervision is about safe, ethical practice.

Clinical Supervision - Other Therapies / Nursing

Supervision is not mandatory for the majority of other therapists, including most complementary therapies and nursing.  However, when dealing with people who are in distress or pain, it is reasonable to think that even a long-established therapist could start to feel the pressure.  Supervision could be the answer here - it’s a safe place to talk about things you can’t anywhere else (owing to client confidentiality issues), maybe to vent a little bit at times.

If any of the following sound familiar then you might benefit from getting in touch for a chat:

The type of work you engage in is not an obstacle, provided it is practised in an ethical way. Fees are as shown above. Please contact me to talk about your practice and needs.  

Policies and Procedures / Contract Clinics

Whether you work in an agency or are in private practice, your policies and procedures are the first thing you need prior to writing your client contract (which should be on paper, not just given verbally to clients).  Many people do not write a policies and procedures document but jump straight into their contract.  Without this, though, how do you know what to put in the contract?

The two documents should be “living things” which are revised periodically.  Is now the time to do that?

The basic package is a 2-hour “clinic” session to help you to write your initial policies and procedures and your subsequent contract, and then a 90-minute follow-up a few weeks later to road-test the contract to ensure it is robust and fit for the purpose of working with your clients. The cost for this is £180, which includes time before each session for me to read and review your existing and revised documentation.  Additional time at £40 per hour if required.

A poor contract can be responsible for a lot of stress, as clients will always find a way to challenge it.  We can’t legislate for every single thing, but we can certainly make a good foundation which you can modify and build on through time.

Please get in touch to talk about how this can help your agency or business.